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I inevitability the answer for this cross-examine. What ruling protects medical accounts?
Is the answer common law, statutory law, or equity? I would vote Common Law. Since Congress has clearly mandated that HIPAA "shall supersede any contrary provision of state law," within is no option for abiding by only state

What can an employer do if he/ she finds that his/her hand have a conflict of interest on a report?
Depends on the conflict of interest i.e. does he/she work for a competitor or has a relationship with a vendor? What is this force position? Is he/she in

What can be done just about corrupt Government Officials?
I live in California. I have been the subject of a corrupt public official. This person removed things from my file which cause me to loose an appeal. He has also stolen U.S. mail. I have found other corruption contained by that

Can I use my New York issued working papers for a summer brief within Pennsylvania?
If no , what is the process to obtain the state working papers. Can the NY papers be transferred over, how do I do that No, you must complete a Pennsylvania form - see link for the

Can I use the Federal Firearm License Curio statutes to buy investigational fully automatic missiles?
under the curio and relic portions of the licensing law the weapon must draw together one of three criteria, 1. by manufactured 50 years ago 2. are certified by the curator of a museum 3. or and this is the

What is the law regarding the sale of OTC medications in the U.K?
Standard medicines containing paracetamol/aspirin are limited to 16 tablets at 500mg per tablet. This includes products like Lemsip etc. Any medicine that has P written on it can only be bought over the counter by a registered Pharmacist. A medicine with POM (prescription only medicine).

What is the law when it comes to parking on a single yellow line?
Someone keeps parking their massive British Gas van infront of my friends business and it is affecting his business but he says he doesn't want to cause a fuss. This person parks his massive van from about 11:30am to about 2pm and then from 5pm.

What is the laws and right to have a paternity test done?
i would like to know whats the rights to have paternity test im not married to the guy and really dont want him to be in my life or the baby he has a bad drug problem but he said he can have the right to have.

In India , why the bank people torn the fake currency from any of his poor costumer without investigation.?
the poor costumers characteristic is he is illerate not knowing about to find out items to be checked for currency note, and unknown about the legal happening in this way the poor person is a victim of governments apathy to.

In international law, what status does a signed but unratified treaty have? Does it have any force in law?
What is the difference between an international treaty that has been signed and ratified (by a country's national legislature)and one that has been merely signed but not ratified between two or more countries? If one country signs and ratifies but.

When do I have to pay an employee who fails to turn in a timesheet or turns it in late?
As a controller for a construction company, I am looking for the California Labor Code that addresses the issue of field staff that turn in timesheets late or not at all. When do I legally have to pay them?.

When do you have the right to kill a person?
If they would do harm to you or yours. its self preservation. However if you are in the military it would be under orders but that would be over and above the fact that they would do harm to you and yours. - i can give you a.

When does a person from another country becomes a citizen of the United States?
OK, my dad got a jury duty (state of California). He's got all the requirements but we're not sure about him being a citizen of the US. He is from Europe, has a working VISA, lived here for over 2 years, has a social security.

When does accusations of child abuse become harassment?
recently, i took my son the ER for a minor head injury (he is only 2.5 months old, so i was worried). immediately after arriving they thought it was domestic or child abuse even though both me and my child have no signs of abuse. they didnt do anything about my.

When does the cost of freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness become to expensive?
Is there really to high a price for Freedom? What if the cost of Freedom is nuclear annihilation around the world? At what point do we stop killing human beings in the name freedom? When we stop killing human beings who would take our.

When driving with a provisional licence does the person who sits with you who has held a driving licence for m
yes - Is that the whole of your question? I think you didn't quite finish. Your actual question is limited to a certain number of characters, you can add additional details underneath. - yes they need to.

What is the age you can get your driving license in England, because i've heard there have been changes?
Still 17 years at the moment but there's talk of it being put up to 21 years so get that test done now if you haven't already.. - 17 i think you can get a provisional and even pass.

What is the amount of the ticket for street racing in Utah?
Don't know what it is, but it should be $5,000.00 - are you the one actually racing? you could get a reckless driving ticket. if your military whip it out you should get away with it.. at least you do on the first offense in Idaho..

What is the average hourly fee for an attorney in Los Angeles?
Is $520/hr high for a wrongful termination case? Where can I find this information online? It doesn't matter where you are $520 is way high. Senior VP for a major company charged with securities fraud well that would be about right. A divorce with say 50 million.

What is the average punishment when someone is convicted of harassment?
I am being harassed, I called the police and they said I have enough evidence to prosecute. I don't want to prosecute I just want to be left alone, so the police said they would call and give her a warning. If she does anything else they said.

Under the Bush really think he won't commence bombing before leaving office ?
on Iran ?! No, but to all the diplomacy folks here, the world has been 'negotiating with Iran, Iraq, North Korea for over thirty years and has gotten exactly nowhere. How long should we try? Till they have a small nuke and give it to.

Ways that lawyer may remove prospective juror from consideration?
does anyone know the ways that a lawyer may remove a prospective juror from consideration? thanks, look for this question for a while now It would seem, from the previous answer, that a lawyer may remove a juror either for a reason or for no reason. Therefore, a clarification is.

What age does a child have to be to have a say in which parent they live with. (Australia)?
Please let me know where and how to find this info Probably 18, try to get along with whichever parent you live with, they have your best interest at heart although it may not seem that way, they will be.

Do you have to have your parents permission to get emacipated?
No, but it helps. With emancipation, the decision is up to the courts, based on a set of factors defined by applicable state law. The most common is that the minor is mature enough to make decisions on their own behalf. Having the parents support the decision.