Can i leave home at 18 in mississippi?

You can leave the planet at 18 in any state in the country.
Yep. Unless your parents have some sort of special court-ordered control, that is.
At 18 you can leave home anywhere in the US. You are an least legally. If I were you I wouldn't leave home unless you have a good plan.
Yes, you can leave home at 18. If you still rely on your parents for stuff, though (money for instance), and they are against your leaving, you may want to rethink leaving.

But if you can afford to move away, and no one is against it, it is legal.
You can leave home anywhere at 18 since you are legally an adult and can enter into contracts at the age of 18. But unless things are really bad at home and you need to get out, I would encourage you to stay as long as possible, at least till you finish some sort of training which can get you gainful employment.

You are an adult at that age and can move out from your parent's house. Have fun.
Legal age in Mississippi is 21, folks, Wikianswers said so. You all could be throwing her in juvie! Be more careful.