Criminals are wicked and deserve punishment. debate for the motion..?

Criminals are 'guilty' of committing crimes, not necessarily 'wicked' (though individuals may be)...society has an interest in vindicating the rights of the victims of crime and deterring future crime, and doing so includes punishment.
It depends on the crime.
There are some mistakes that people make, or a murder (crime of passion) that people can be rehabilitate from

Then there are child predators that just need to be shot in the face!
I believe if someone is to get the death penalty.It should not be years to do it.Why should we feed a cold blooded killer for a long time?Also child molesters should be punished more appropriately.No amount of therapy will help them.They will never get their just dues for the amount of pain and mental suffering .Maybe if they lost those precious members of their bodies .They would think twice.This goes for rapists also.Then they would have no need to have unlawful sex or to be a pervert.
I have defended both the hard core lifetime criminal and the once in a life time criminal. I have only met one that I believed to be truly wicked.

In my experience, many of the crimes of theft or burglary were to support drug habits. Other crimes that are directly against people (rape murder robbery) are what I consider nearly unforgivable.

I believe that there must be consequences for criminal activity. I can't believe that any one would disagree with me there. But to over generalize to the point that all criminal are wicked, I think carries this too far.

If you say so, but I'm really only interested in removing dangerous people from society. Punishment is a concept that presumes that behavior can be altered. I neither presume that, nor care whether or not it is true. I only care about removing the threat, and if the threat wants to stop being a threat, that's their choice, but it isn't a means to forgetting the former threat in my view.
Define wicked.

Define Punishment.