How to eradicate corruption from India?

Corruption in India is rampant and the root cause is our politicians.If some legislation comes for barring tainted people from fighting elections and media works hard in generating awareness among people,desired results can be achieved.
Practically not possible. If you are 100% OK, less chances of corruption. Corruption / demand only if you are week.Be strong, avoid uncessary demands.
Eliminate the Caste system for real. Don't beat up people that convert to other religions like my friend's friend who lives in India.
There should be no delay in convicting the criminals and they should be put behind bars immediately. Their property has to be confiscated. Justice delayed is justice denied. VIP's should not be given any special treatment. We should never compromise with our integrity. Let us follow the footsteps of Satyenda Dubey and Manjunath. Politicians having tainted record must be strictly prohibited from entering the field of politics,leave alone holding any power.
Dear questioner you are asking for the near impossible because as long 'as the present system exists' you can forget about eradicating corruption,poverty and all other problems that haunt this country.
We can't eliminate corruption from our own country... you expect us to be able to tell you how to eliminate it in yours?

I'd love to see all corruption eliminated worldwide. But there's not enough drugs in the world for that to even come true in a 'pipe dream'

Greed breeds corruption which breeds violence. Without corruption there would never be reason for war.

If everyone behaved honorably, then all arguments could be settled by just discussing the problems and coming to a mutually acceptable agreement.
it's not so easy to root out as her population is so huge n many castes.take times n patience.
there can be no answers to your questions.

but by being an initiator you can start to solve this problem

dont give corruption and dont ask corruption

when U start I will follow, then slowly and steadily

every one will practice.

corruption can be stopped only by the persons themselves

indulged in it
Stop giving bribe.

I agree that corruption is rampant in India (India is at # 70 on the 2006 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index) but corrupt politicians are a symptom rather than the root cause. We must resist the temptation of viewing corruption as monolith entity as it is of different types due to different reasons. This may imply that may not be a single root cause, but different solutions will eliminate corruption in different situations. For example, corruption in police can be reduced by removing police from political control, corruption in services provided by the government can be reduced by disclosing information to the public (which is how the Right to Information Act is helping fight corruption), corruption in big government projects (including slum development) may be tackled by changing election funding laws, corruption and delay in granting of government licenses and permissions can be reduced by doing away with such requirements and so on.

It is easy to blame the politicians for everything, but we must realize that democracy means self-governance (and not necessarily good governance). We can choose to bring about change by getting elected or through social work or be passive spectators. Good governance is a choice we make, it is not a guaranteed outcome of a democracy or any other political system. We cannot forget that we all our corrupt because of using pirated software, or bribing a traffic cop or using influence to get college admission. Politicians come from, and go to, the same society.
Corruption can not be remove in our India. Without corruption, a political leader can't reach his highlight, It is a matter of regreat that, our govt's created us a corrucpted citizens. we do have to
forgotten the fights in all stages, like elections, honestly doing business, service. In our India in everyday, the kidnaping,murdder,susides are going in every moment, that is count less.How, it will be happen,,? Why, the indian citizens
doing crime ( mostly) in every times. There is no strong administration in Indian police force, our police force are also
corrupted. we are gradually destroying in our social life.
there is no solve.