Civil suit..with walmart.. but need to know who to file against.?

I am in the process of a civil suit with walmart, but have just been informed that I cannot file on the actual store or the store manager as they are not the person that handles lawsuits.. I was told to go onto a Maryland website to find the correct person and address to file on, but I cannot find it.. can you help?
Walmart is a corporation. Look at their website and you can find out where they are incorporated. Also, check with your secretary of state to see if they have someone designated to recieve service of process within your state. Many states require such a local agent for a corporation doing business within the state.
and what, pray tell, is the SUIT about? That might get you a little more help.


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But in this case, the suit, whatever it is, will be filed in Maryland and served on Wal-Mart as a foreign registered corporation.

Who told you that? You need to hire an attorney to be sure you're getting good, solid advice.

If you talked to the store attorney and he told you that, you should consider filing a disciplinary complaint against the guy.
When suing a corporation, it is always best to contact a lawyer, as they sure have theirs!
The 'Maryland website' is probably with the Secretary of State (or the Maryland equivalent thereof). In each state, every business doing business in the state is supposed to register with the secretary of state. That registration includes just the basics about their company (which state the business was incorporated in, their address, etc.) as well as what's called a 'registered agent.' The 'registered agent' is the person who is authorized by the company to accept service.

You may have to look through a number of Wal-Mart entities to find the right one. That's why it's good to hire a lawyer. And state service rules vary from one state to another. A LOT. Sometimes personal service is required; sometimes service by mail will do.
(Plus, there may be special rules depending upon the nature of the action -- you may have to exhaust administrative remedies first, like with a discrimination claim in some states, or you may have to go to an administrative body, like a worker's comp claim. There's a lot more we need to know.)

But, to answer your question, here's the Maryland website you're lookign for:
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I don't know what the nature of your suit is, but unless your incredibly wealthy you will be wasting your time, especially if you don't have an attorney.

Yes you have the right to sue Wal-Mart, but keep in mind, your filing a suit against a corporation with over $300 billion dollars in profit annually. They can drag out this case and bankrupt you in the process without blinking.

Think about this, is your case really that solid, and do you have the money and determination to see this through to fruition. Assume you get the case to trial and lose, do you have the money to pay their attorney fees? Just something to think about.
What does your lawyer say?

If you do not have a lawyer, then your question here is pretty good proof that you need one. You do not seem to understand all of the laws in place and that will greatly undermine any chances you have of winning.

If you do have a lawyer and you are doing all of this legwork, then get a better lawyer.
If you really were to sue them, you'd have already discovered you need a lawyer - who will know how to handle those particular details. That's what ya pay them barracuda for, after all...
Your in trouble walmart is a juggernaut, that evil company breaks jsut about every american labor law it can. i would say go to a goverment run organization on what ever u are filing for and hope they will help you because when dealing with walmart its like trying to cancel a creditcard you will go through miles and miles of red tape before they tell you to go to hell.
The information you need is the agent for service of process for Wal-Mart, which I believe is incorporated in Arkansas, so start on the secretary of state for that state and then try the state you are in and work your way down.

By the way, the agent for service of process for Wal-Mart means that this is the person who gets served with all of the lawsuits people file against them across the country. He's probably a busy guy. Good luck.