Is it against the law to leave a dog unattended in a vehicle?

I've heard arnold schwarchennegar has signed a bill that went into effect on Jan 1, 2007 deeming it illegal to leave your dog in a car even if the windows are cracked. I heard this may only be in the summer months. Does anyone know if this has went into effect? If so can you provide a link I can give to my supervisor. Someone has parked their vehicle in our parking lot and their dog is in the car. The window is cracked a tiny bit but I think she is planning to leave the dog in there for a couple of hours. My supervisor can't do anything unless it is illegal. Thank you...I feel sorry for the poor dog.
call animal control or somewhere like that...they will take the dog from owner
Yes it is,its called animal cruelty.If the car is hot and no water in the vehicle for the dog,you betcha.
The question is..would you leave your dog in the oven?
I would think it would be in effect in the cold winter as well as the hot summer.

In Florida It IS!!

Call Animal Control and ask them the details
If it isn't illegal, it should be. Only someone who just doesn't care about their pet would leave an animal cooped up in a car.. any month of the year. Good for Arnold.... I hope it does become law.
I don't know, but it should be!
Unless the dog is in distress there is no legal reason to file a complaint.

But I do understand your concern and maybe a note left under the windshield wiper blade stating you were concerned about the dog being a distraction to your business may be a deterrent.
I do NOT know what CA. laws are regarding this. BUT here on the east coast (MA) there have been many ignorant people who leaves their dog/s in the car while they go shopping. Now this in itself may not be wrong. BUT if the windows are closed and it is hot outside there dog can become hurt as in dead. They need air as well as water. In the summer the inside of a car can and does many times become an oven (literally) People have been busted for this treatment of animals and have been charged. I also believe there should be a law in regards to this as it helps to prevent further abuse of dogs. (Or other animals or worse KIDS)
Call the SPCA and the law. SPCA will take the dog and hopefully 'foster' it into a _good_ home, the law should issue a citation for cruelty to animals.
Do it quick. It takes only a few minutes for a dog to die in a closed vehicle, even in winter.
Call Animal Control and they can tell you what the law is. If it is not freezing or really hot they might not do anything, as there are a lot of calls about stray or vicious animals all day long.
Give us the number we will call! Animals need voices to speak for them also.
It should be illegal to leave any animal locked up in car. I once saw a goldfish left in a hot car. It was belly up. Horrible sight.
is the dog unhappy?
would you rather have it running around, possibly getting hit by a car?
would you rather that the owner take it to the spca and have it killed?
you might think before you jump.
it could be that the owner doesn't have another choice.

it sure is interesting how many complaints there are.
and little thought of what would happen to the dog.
as i recall, something like 90% of the dogs they take in are killed.
i'm sure the dog will appreciate your concern.
yes, it is illegal anytime to leavea dog unattended.....even other than summer months.

Check out the link:
it should be
Yes you can, you can call the cops! Law or no law about vehicles, their is one about cruelty to animals! Cops do not like animals or children locked in cars as many die this way every year! Trust me, they will make sure that owner never does it again!