Why are laws created?

To protect us ppl. That way if someone killed you they would be punished. Don't you think it's a good thing? I think some laws are weird though.
to control...

but are mainly to preserve society from generation to generation dating back to the 10 commandments
A stable society needs a well defined system of rules or what youre left with is anarchy.
So you don't have to watch your 300 pound neighbors having sex in the back yard on a trampoline. As good a reason as any I can think of for having laws.
Initially - to protect the people from the government. Now - to protect the government from the people.
To keep the poor people supressed while the rich get away with murder.
So somebody who hits people in the head with a bat will be punished.
Laws are created by a society to shape the behaviour of the members of that society in such a way that is, it is intended, for the good of all its members. Without them, society would break down.

Without rules in FreeLawAnswer.com , the relatively few trolls would ruin it for the majority of sensible people, making the whole thing pointless.
Depends on the structure of the society.
In Dictatorships and systems akin thereto, to protect the illegitimate dictats of the govt.
In Democracies and similar set-ups, first to protect the people and maintain social standards, then to protect the interests of political leaders.
do you really want to see some rich guy ****ing his wife on your lawn? you understand now rght?
To stop anarchy, think about it.
hey! laws are created to protect you and your loved ones. if there were no laws people could just go outside shooting everyone.
To be broken!!!
The planet earth obeys the cosmic laws.so also all celestial bodies.
In a game , which is played by two sides there should be certain type of procedure telling how to play ,and how not to play and the penalty if game is played against it will be a chaos.
Similarly for any organisation,or a government to run smoothly there should be several laws ,pertaining to several departments.
There should be criminal laws,police laws,administrative laws,marriage laws,recruitment laws ,traffic laws and so on ....several laws..innumerable.
these are required BASICALLY to make ENSURE that the injustice is not done to any innocent person or faculty or a wing of govt.
If there are no laws,and an umpire to implement it, how do you imagine a cricket game?
Law must protect the poor and innocent.it should aim at making people live happily with full freedom loyally and legally.There will be punishments proposed in law ,which act as deterrents to those who plan to do some injustice or harm to people,society ,or a country.
So these laws are much required.
WE MUST HONOUR THE LAWS OF THE LAND WE LIVE IN,since that land gives us food,shelter and money to lead a life,happily.
Don't you agree now that there should be a LAW for all things?
To regulate the society and so that advocate can earn something
To make us more intelligent to find many more loop holes in the system!
Laws r created to ensure safety & convinience to all the people, but not to punish or earn money
Laws are the dictates of the sovereign power. In good olden days, the dictates of the King were the laws and have to be obeyed for fear of punishment in case of violation. As the democratically elected governments replaced the royalty the world over, the law making power is taken over by the representatives of the people in legislative assemblies. Hence, technically the laws are stated to be the will of the people, the sovereignty now vests with the elected representatives of the people.
4 RESPECT of individuals towards each other and each others' property.
Laws necessary for society, for control. You faced many laws in your school days. Normally there is no law in jungle and in home but my home is not law-less. I have brother-in-law etc.
Laws should be practical and Govt. should must pre-view laws to make them user friendly. Law of stoppoing on red light is good. Law about helmet is good but foolishness / Dadagiri.
When the control of crimes goes beyond morality as preached in religion, laws have to be created instead as an alternative, for the smooth running of society on generally accepted norms enshrined in the laws of that land.
laws are created to regulate the behaviour of people of society, to check the conduct of the people we create laws because society needs it, to live in a civilised society peacefully we create laws, in society every has right to live peacefully without interference of any one, laws are created to give security to the citizens, laws are created to deter people from doing some thing wrong. Now the obvious question arises what is wrong and what not? generally the act which affect public at large or which affect the smooth going of life of an individual or which interfere with the fundamental rights of a persons are wrongs,this doesn't mean that every sin is wrong and every wrong is sin. See it as a mechanism for better life.

To run a civilisied society.