What does Criminal Sexual Conduct - Third Degree (Multiple Variables) mean?

On the watch dog website there is a man in my nouns listed under the green color which means "Other Offense" and his charge be Criminal Sexual Conduct - Third Degree (Multiple Variables).

The other colors on the website are, red (offense aginst children), yellow (rape) and blue (sexual battery).

So the fact that it's green is a little bit better right?

What does it close-fisted exactally?

Also it's Michigan if that makes a difference.
look at Michigan site for third degree (short and easy read), multiple chunk would probably mean he met more then one of the conditions to satisfy the charge.
It might mean that he any exposed himself or was caught in public having sex beside a partner who consented or that he was masterbaiting in public Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyers
In Michigan, criminal sexual conduct (CSC) is a catch-all phrase for a wide breadth of sexual assault crimes. When someone is arrested for a crime such as rape, statutory rape or child molestation, the actual charge will be criminal sexual conduct. There are four degrees of criminal sexual conduct or CSC:

First and third degree CSC, which typically involve penetration of some sort
Second and fourth scope CSC, which typically involve touching without penetration
The degree of the CSC charge brought against you will depend on the allegations made as in good health as the prosecuting attorney's discretion.

All four degrees of CSC are felonies. All involve lengthy lock away sentences (up to life in prison for first degree CSC). All involve registration on Michigan's sex wrongdoer list and Web site for a minimum of 25 years.
. 3rd degree CSC requires proof of "sexual penetration" and one or more of the following elements:

1. Victim is under 13, and defendant is smaller amount than 3 years older.

2. Victim is 13, 14, or 15, and
a. defendant is 2 years older

3. Victim is 16 or 17, and

a. defendant has Significant Relationship to target; or
b. defendant is in Position of Authority over victim, and defendant is over 4 years older, and uses that position so subject will submit; or
c. defendant has Significant Relationship to victim, and:

i. uses force or coercion
ii. uses or threatens use of real or imitation weapon,
iii. causes victim reasonable misgivings of imminent great bodily harm.
iv. causes personal injury to the martyr, or
v. there are multiple sexual acts committed over an extended time.

4. Defendant uses force or coercion.

5. Defendant knows or have reason to know victim is:

a. mentally impaired
b. mentally incapacitated, or
c. physically helpless.

6. Defendant is aided or abet by accomplices, and:

a. an accomplice uses force or coercion, or
b. an accomplice uses or threatens the use of a physical or fake dangerous weapon.