Is it illegal to transport alcohol across state lines?

Also, do you know of any websites which have this information?
uhh yeah it is, but if you race it through the mountain roads you won't get caught.
I don't think it is, as long as it's unopened.
im not sure
Yes...but everyone does it.

There are various vague laws about interstate transport of alcohol.

The main issues are;

the transport for sale, which requires a license;

minimum age of 21;

no open containers;

for personal use.

I'd suggest if you transport alcoholic beverages, the items be secured in the trunk and only sufficient amounts for personal consumption only.

Hope this wishes.
When ever I visit Alabama, I always take my own stash with me. Booze is much cheaper in Florida. It's in the trunk, so there are no open containers in the car. I don't see why not.
Which states?
as long as its not open and in plain view of authorities...that should be fine

I drove to Texas from Illinois with my best friend with a 6pk in the back of my truck....once we got to Texas after a 13 hours drive..we parked & drank in the Dallas hotel parking lot...
Like most things it may be in some areas. Dont get caught and you wont have any trouble.