I slipped and fell in walmart in some water...?

There was no wet floor sign or anything...my hip feels a bit bruised but nothing major..i filed an incident report. am i able to get paid??
Don't perpetuate that cycle. You're fine right? Let it go.
Call a lawyer right away.
#1 You should watch where you are going....
#2 why don't you get a job and quit trying to find a free ride...
#3 Get a job that has health insurance (i'm tired of paying it for you....
#4 Get some morals and self dignity
aww thats sad
You need to see a personal injury attorney, you dirt bag.
What would you get paid for? You don't have any damages yet, unless you require medical care. You can't claim pain and suffering since you've now come on a public forum and said the injury was 'nothing major.'
No, you did not get injured and, therefore, have no reason for the money.
It doesn't sound like it. Did you see a doctor? You can get your medical bills paid easily enough. Of course, you can always seek out an ambulance chaser and hope for the best, but that's rather sleazy.
You may be able to swing something, but unless you're seriously injured (to the point where it affects your daily living and working) it's just unethical to file a claim. You would just be adding to the HUGE overkill of lawsuits that clog our legal system and send insurance rates so high. It sounds like you're okay, so I'd just get over it.
you of course kow that they have cameras all over that place, call a lawyer,,,,,,,,,,

Sure, if a judge says so.
Be sure to call a lawyer. lol By the time he/she deducts the his/her fees, court costs, and the charges for all the specialists he/she sends you to, you will be left with a token payment. If you are hurt, go see a doctor and then take the bill to the Walmart store manager. Cut out the shyster lawyer.
The claims people will look at your claim and if they feel that it was Wal Mart's fault you will get your medical bills paid. If you didn't go to the doctor maybe not but you could sue them but they have really good lawyers so you may not win. But if they didn't have a wet floor sign down you have a good chance of getting paid.
you need to get a lawyer but it wouldn't surprise me that walmart wouldn't know anything about after the fact they got papers. since that's so like walmart. but they should be the ones to pay for medical problems and even lost work and pain and suffering.
a lawyer can tell u that. but i think u can bcuz they didn clean it up rite away. it couldve ben more serious like it couldve caused a 'human pileup' walmart can get pretty crowded it was a hazard adn without warning...it was the fault of the customers for tracking it in so therefore it is walmarts problem, there customers. it depends on how u slice it. slice it gud and make it look gud like only a lawyer can u gotta case buddy. get a lawyer if u want ur money. u got a chance. im jus not sure how much money ull get....
however u hav jus admited here that it was nothing major n nobody would ggive u money if u werent even hurt!!! if u had broken sumthin ud get that money cuz its pain n suffereing but u have hardly suffered so don worry bout it. sorry.
Why do so many people assume they 'didn't clean up right away'? For all anyone here knows, the water could have been spilled 10 seconds before you slipped. If that was the case, there is no possible way ANY business could have cleaned up that fast. Whither or not Wal-mart should have known there was a spill, you just admitted you were NOT injured.
I suggest you contact an attorney who can request a copy of the 'incident report'. Your attorney can also request medical records if you sought medical assistance. In the event you did not seek immediate medical care, your attorney may want you to have a medical exam to determine the extent of your injuries. Wal Mart will probably not offer you any recompense without medical confirmation of injuries or the possibility of a legal suit.
What do you want them to pay you for? You don't have any serious injury, you haven't lost time from work, you didn't need to see a doctor...

You sue for the things you lose - in this case, you didn't lose anything, so if you try and sue, the case will be thrown out as frivolous.

Write a letter of complaint to the manager, and let your local health and safety department know, so they can warn the store officially. They'll probably send you a gift voucher or something as a goodwill gesture.