Who to call if someone parks infront of your driveway?

Yeah. Some person parked in front of my driveway/garage.

Honked like a mad man and no one came.(Even though a neighbor told me it was the person standing outside before.) Then proceeds to tell me that they do it all the time when were out of the house.

Writing a note probably wont stop them since they are parking in front of a garage and not just a driveway. So who would i call? and would the police (if i call them) do anything about it?

and since it is 'my property' i could do that right?

Location is Brooklyn, NY
Usually that is a police matter - call them on it.
Most jurisdictions have a law regarding the blocking of a private driveway so yes call the police
Leave a note and kindly say 'I would appreciate it if you don't park in my parking space and let them know you will call the police if necessary , but , you would rather handle it without them.
For sure call the cops. Don't do anything stupid like key their car.
I'd call a tow truck.
I watched the police have a vehicle towed that was parked in front of a persons driveway the other day. Beyond that the way u decribe it, it is a public nuisance, so full police authority.
Just call a tow truck service say you have a free vehicle to come and take away.
This used to happen to me. Some jerk who was a friend (drug drop off maybe) of a neighbor used to park not only in front of my driveway but in my driveway. After many many polite and then threatening conversations AND CALLS TO THE COPS getting no results, his tires all mysteriously went flat. Funny, the car never came back, I guess $600 for a set of tires was a wake up call. I certainly would never advocate doing anything illegal though.

The police won't normally have a car towed unless you accept responsibility, they may give the person a 'parking' ticket if your driveway is posted 'private drive, do not block'. The cops pretty much don't want to help out Joe Citizen.

When ever someone park in front of your drive way treat them like the city do when they meter run out. i would call the police and hope they would bring a tow truck cause like you say it is your property where you pay tax. You tried a nice way now try the law way. GOOD LUCK
I guess each community is different. So they are blocking your driveway at times so you no longer have access to the street. I'd call the police. You can't prohibit people from parking on the street in front of your property, but people can't block the egress and ingress to your property either.
You call the police and report the noise and disorderly conduct. It is arrestable, but they usually don't arrest on that. However, they will come and tell him to go away. And you can trespass him from your property.
Some towns have a Parking Enforecment division -- the dept. that sends out the meter maids... they can be called if you such a department. I assume they are part of the police department but they usually have their own telephone number and the city or town hall operators, can also connect you.

If you don't have this department, then definitely call the police because it is illegal to block an active driveway or garage.

I would not suggest leaving notes; they are usually ignored or the behavior worsens. If you don't personally know the party whose car it is, it would be better for you to not to engage them...you have no idea how they will respond.
File trespassing charges against them.

Next time, film the vehicle being parked in your driveway and make sure you get the license number.

Thereafter, go to your local police station.

The DA's office may not prosecute, since there appears to be no real damages.

However, if you had felt intimidated at your last encounter, you might be able to get the DA to prosecute the person for assault.

You could get a Restraining Order, and call the police if the person parks his car in your driveway again, as a violation of the Order.

You could file charges against the person in Civil Court; however, there are no actual damages.

Further consideration should be made, concerning any possible repercussions that might come from you filing charges.

Good luck!
have it towed
I would call the department of transportation. Also a private towing company would probably be willing to come and tow the car as they would get money from the owner. This page contains relevant information. http://www.nyc.gov/html/dca/html/publica...
Leave the tires alone, they could come back to get you. Don't forget they know where you live. Get the plate number. report it to the police, note times, dates etc. Depends on who you call, here we have the police, and constables. Sometimes the constables get here quicker that the police, but calling both gets both out. .... Good luck. Don't forget about the Loud Noise/Nuisance law (we have it here in Texas) check with your local police.
Call the nearest Police Station for a ticket to the violator and the towing service to remove the vehicle.