If you have had a criminal charge expunged.?

Do you still need to disclose this on a job application?
No. That's usually the point of getting an expungement. Unless your applying for a high up goverment job. They will be able to check for it. Plus expungements only expunge convictions. Make sure that you get arrest records and charges expunged too because you don't want that to show up either. Sorry about using second person. Don't want to assume you have had a criminal charge. You know, especially if you got it expunged.
No it means it was removed from your records. This is done when the law feels you should no longer be penelized for this past offense
if I remember correctly, the question is usually asking if you have been 'convicted' of a crime. that is what you need to be answering, not whether or not you were charged.

Yes you do. Even after it's expunged you where still considered convicted. Now a private company probably won't see this conviction due to the expunging so you can probably get away there. However if this is a job with the government, they will still see the conviction, along with a note that it has been expunged. You don't want to lie therefore on an application for a government (state,federal,local,etc) job.
This depends on the job app. If you are applying for a federal position, in my experience you are still obligated to discolse the conviction, even if it is expunged. Similarily, if you are applying for certain bonded and insured positions, or applying to be admitted to the Bar to practice law in most jurisdictions, there is the obligation to report. While it may seem unfair to have to do this, the going theory is that the employer or licensing agency is entitled to know of the charge and the dispositon of the charge, even if they are inclined to treat it as a non-issue at the end of the day. in the alternatice, the failure to disclose, despite the reasonable possibility that they needed to know -- even if it would not have changed the authority's decision -- may be viewed as a terminatable offense.

If you are uncertain, but the charge is relatively minor, disclose. If you expunged and the disclosure would disclose something you are otherwise entitled to keep confidential -- like a DUI charge being expunged because you went to rehab (medical disability that you are entitled in many instances to keep confidential) -- then maybe you can avoid disclosing, unless you are applying for a driving position. Do you see what i mean?
NOPE..that's the purpose of the expungment....wiping the record clean...