Is a Driver's License Unconstitutional?

I've been hearing this lately. What do you think?
Best Answer:
State law regulate drivers' licenses. The 10th Amendment gives states the rights to make state law.
Driving a car is a privilege, not a right, therefore license this privilege is not unconstitutional.
My brother David think so. He began with a protest of driver's license FEES for private-use vehicles, and proved his travel case, but the states have come to rely so heavily on this income for their revenues or, in the case of Missouri, they own privatized fee offices in instruct to create unregulated slush funds for politicians of a particular party (most recently the Republicans), that he be put in MOBERLY PRISON for nonpayment of a $15 license fee and then driving on three different occasion. He is a retired cabinetmaker (age 66) and an Evangelist who is law-abiding, nonviolent, and harmless, but he has been labeled a "felon" and a "repeat offender" (ridiculous, surrounded by my opinion). When the Missouri court in Franklin county decided to do this ridiculous overkill, he had a valid chauffer's license (expired), which expected the condition set by the Republican elected judge that he have a "valid" license was in actuality met, but ignored by the court. The judge gave my brother consecutive sentences on three counts of "driving short a valid license" (even though he had only declined to money the $15 fee ONCE), three consecutive sentences of three years each. I thought the Constitution says the punishment must fit the so-called crime?! And what going on for "cruel and unusual punishment"?? He might be on the internet still, although he is currently in Waco, TX fighting a battle to own his property returned after being arrested for "failure to identity" --- another "law" he feels is unConstitutional. His given name is David Baugh, and he is both a legal- and a Constitutional-scholar who helps write appeals for people wrongfully convicted (harder to do now because the police own yet to give him back his brand foreign laptop or his vehicle, even though he was released.
A drivers license gives you the right to operate a vehicle. A license of any kind means you enjoy earned the right to do that particular thing which is not unconstitutional.
No because driving is a privilege, not a right.