Can I sue the court system (city) or the lawyers that do NOT uphold the constitution?

that are in it just for the money and do not have the integrity to uphold the american constitution? where on earth to go for help I was terminated from my spanking new job for not getting my "right" hand scanned on their biometrics contrivance, I said this is offensive to my religion, through the bible I read and would not participate on receiving the fault of the beast I in addition asked them if within was an alternate way that I can clock in and clock out of work, and hey did nought to accomadate. Hence they did not even ask me if I minded getting scanned, just assumed that i would follow through to which I said NO! Received a call subsequent saying not to show up to work.
Best Answer:
you could attempt to sue but winning to be exact a different matter good luck on your job turn out I would make that a better effort than this fruitless law suit which would effect adjectives employment i am certain
Im not sure if you can, but if we adjectives could do that, then we could sue Obama for all that he's worth.
Care to site the example or are you just ranting?
s--attorney 25 years

You will have to find a complex court and will have a tough sell trying to convince that court that a lower court has violated the Constitution.