Is it illegal to use the word "nigger" in public?

Now let me start off by saying I am NOT within any way a racist. I also believe, however, that going out of your way to avoid offending a person from a different see more than your own is very obvious reverse discrimination, and within some ways worse than blatant racism. I am a naturally blunt person, and I am that way to those of all colors. Now the other day, I jokingly called a black man who I have not met before a nigger. He decided this was satisfactory justification to assault me, which I find to be ridiculous, and thus I would like to press charges. Before I do so, however, I just want to take home sure, there isn't some law against actually using the word, is at hand? Once again, I wasn't trying to disparage his race, I was just using a single word. If he take offense to a word, regardless of context or intent, then that is his problem, not mine. Even if I was somewhat wrong, that's no point to assault me. But if I am to pursue charges against him, I want to make sure I won't wind up in shit myself, so please, if you guys could educate me, I would very much appreciate it. I obviously wasn't intending to incite violence. It be a joke. No way I'm apologizing to a guy that assaulted me. Maybe I went a bit too far, but that's no excuse at all for what he did. Who the hell just goes and hits everybody that annoys them, within this day and age? That is NOT how society is supposed to function.
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I can't tell you whether you broke the law short knowing where this took place. In any event, my suggestion is to drop it. Apologise if you see the man again, otherwise just get on next to things and stop 'jokingly' insulting strangers.
Why would you hail as someone that you don't know anytype of name in the first place? I'm white and I think I would hold assaulted you. Stop being a racist because no matter what excuse you use for it, you still come off a racist. I hold a hard time seeing this as anything other than racism because anytime i've ever heard the word used it be as a racial slur.
If you press charges then you are a terrifically terrible person. For 200 years, white people enslaved black relations and treated them worse than they treated their animals and their dirt. They called them that word as a sense of lowering them and telling them that they were trash because they be black and that they were disgusting, scum, and dirty, because they were black. It is amazing that we could even adjectives be happy together and african americans wouldn't look at a white person and punch them in the obverse just thinking about what they did to them, which of course they should not. But you have the nerve to call him the name that the nation and our population hold been trying to erase? And in a joking demeanour? That man did that because that word isn't just a word, it's a nightmare, it's a way of you saying that you are better than him.And you didn't even know him? He shouldn't enjoy hit you, but you should never have called him that. You will be completely wrong for pressing charges on him. Pretty much, you degraded him, and a lot of ethnic group don't take that. You will be SO wrong for pressing charges. That was very racist of you.
i wonder how many of his buddies call him that when they see him point made
Freedom of speech, ends when such language incites violence. Yes, you could bring charge and I would defend the African American for free. Edit: I also suspect it is a troll. Note the wording, the other day. He does not know the guy and fact is, nearby is no one to press charges against.
s--attorney 25 years

You called a black man you did not know...the n-word. And he hit you? I think the stupidity of that almost trumps everything else. Here's my suggestion, keep your stupid mouth shut in future.
Its not risky but if you are white it is wise not to use the word near a black guy. sorry to say but if you call me a nigger especually if you did not know me I would have done the very same. Sorry that is simply how the world is.