Where can you report someone flying another flag over the american flag and/or flying a torn and tattered flag

We need more of this all over the country.
I drove by a gas station last 9/11 and notice them flying a torn and tattered flag at full mast. So, I stopped in even though I didn't requirement gas to complain. After a lengthy 'conversation' about proper flag displaying, the manager said the rope be broke.
(so, get a new rope).. Stopped by a few days later to see if they fixed it, nope, another loud 'conversation' took place. The flag is very soon gone. Nothing but a bare pole. Now how much does a flag cost? I refuse to buy gas there, and they know why.
But... who do you report this swearing to that will do something about it??????
u cant people can do what they want its something called, freedom LMAO. This is our "free" country in accomplishment showing its colors.
Not really anyone to report it to. Sorry!
Our GS troop donated a flag to a gas station 2 years ago. Their flag be looking horrible and we passed by it all the time coming from our AF base into town. The manager feel so bad about it that we later recieved a check from him to cover the cost! Sometimes it take a child..... Bertha, Sadly, there is little you can do. Displaying the American flag is an option, not a law. As a combat veteran, I read between the lines your angst. There are laws that govern the displaying of the flag but they are rarely enforced. I see those flag draped coffins every day and It angers me to see it abused. Know that we Veterans love and apprieciate your emotional state. God bless you, and God bless America!
well its illegal. that dude is awesome!...hells yeah! i probably would have done duplicate thing. go fix it yourself, but on the down-low. you do realise gas comes from saudi arabia maybe they should fly an arabic flag ha.
They do not care if you do not buy gas from them. You are one customer.

It does not event if they have a torn or tattered flag. The government will do NOTHING roughly speaking it, and they shouldn't

Freedom of expression. Now close your patriotic mouth and stop putting your nose in other folks business.
Well I will not take the time you watch the video. You sound approaching someone who needs to let up on the caffeine or something. How stressed out do you get when enjoy a real problem? Try finding something to focus on that will come you down and bring some peace into your life. While it is nice to be a patriotic soul, the flag have an always will be just fine--I'd counsel you to report abuse that meaningfully affects someone. Sort of make you sound like a busybody.
Instead of approaching them within a confrontation way, maybe you could offer to buy them a flag to replace the worn to shreds one. Now THAT would show them how sincere you are! And remember, very few people today understand flag protocol, so try to be somewhat more understanding. Um its a flag lady. At least he be flying one. now thanks to you hes not even doing that...
He prob didn't put a new one up because hes afraid youll come and wail at him for not buying the right sized flag or something....
Its his property... how would you like it if i came to your house and yelled at you something like the color or your house because some how its unpatriotic....
I'm firmly in the "buy the station another flag" camp.

The reality is that most people do not understand the protocol regarding the American Flag and I do discern that in order to be able to display it correctly and proudly, that those of us who do take in the protocol need to help educate those who don't.

To do so, however, take some diplomacy. It would have gone over MUCH better had you approached your gas station owner and said, "I notice your flag is pretty raggedy and torn. I'd like to arrange for you to get a new one if you don't hold one on order already. Would that be all right? I would bring you a new one contained by exchange for your old one, and then I could take the infirm one to a local Boy Scout Troop to have it disposed of properly. Would that be okay with you? "

This approach works MUCH better, gets a flag properly displayed, and make friends. Of course, the owner has the option of being a contract, but that's not your fault.

CHICK FORM THE UK....in the US, no other flag is to be flown over the US flag for ANY reason on American soil. We wouldn't expect the British flag to be flown underneath the US flag on British soil either.

As far as the flag just being...in good health...a flag. It's not about the fact that it's a piece of fabric. It's almost the fact that many people sacrifice their lives for the freedom that we enjoy today. Disrespecting the flag is the same as disrespecting their sacrifice.

That's what's wrong about it.
That's awesome.....Those mexicans need to shift back to Mexico if they like it better than the USA. How dare they fly the Mexican flag over the American flag.....That veteran was pissed and did what everyone else probably thought roughly speaking doing. They don't have to fly a flag and it is not illegal to burn or destroy a flag. Now if they be burning money, thats a felony.
Contact your local American Legion or VETS organization. Secondly, a call to your local police department wouldn't hurt. Third, make sure you urge a boycott of this station through your local weekly opinion column. Your right though, what you are seeing is a crime. It's almost treasonous. this is a free country. if they want to fly a tattered flag that is their right as an American. you entail to just worry about what you are doing. thats what this country really wishes, less people putting their noses within others rights. i'm sure without knowing it you do something that offends someone else in this country. if the flag offend you dont do business with them. easy enough.
Just agree to it be. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other things to worry about at the moment. Sometimes you need to take the law into your own hand...
I don't understand, what was ilegal about it?? If you are Mexican are you not alllowed to fly an American flag? Or be it that the American flag was underneath?? Sorry for my ignorance I'm from the UK....
Why did the guy cut down the US flag???
Anyway I think its kind of crazy, anyone should be allowed to fly any flag anywhere. We're not adjectives Americana and we are equally as proud of our country. It doen't mean that we are being disrespectful to America!!
Just get you a good ole KBAR blade and take matters into your own hands. who care
Good for that war vet. At least he stood up for what he believed in. Check beside your County seat or State Capitol.
freedom of expression.