What does 'paid administrative leave' mean?

Also, how does one obtain such a thing? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, and please no rude comments.
Well - it usually means 'We are considering firing you and while we think about it we will continue to pay you but we don't want you on the job.'
NOrmally, this is what cops get when they are involved in a shooting. It usually means they are getting paid to take some days off while they figure out if they were correct in their procedures. I rarely hear it anywhere else except for referring to cops.
I hear that when someone is under investigation for something. If a cop is involved in a shooting he or she is put on paid administrative leave until the investigation is over. It doesn't mean you are on vacation. You have to be available any time an investigator needs to talk to you.
Depending on the company paid administrative leave is for funerals, jury duty that kind of thing. It's usually not given freely. For example where I work I could get administrative leave for military duty (like reserves), a death in the immediate family (no far removed cousins, etc.). My company places limits on how many days and how often as well.
oh, that is a paid leave given either earned,time off with pay, or while a person is being investigated for a possible wronge job, indiscretion.
It usually means you are under investigation and not yet fired. Untill you are proven guilty you are put on leave with pay.
As an example Cops get put on this type of leave after a major complaint

Generally, if you are on Paid Administrative Leave you are being investigated for some kind of wrong doing. Instead of having you there in the office, they send you home while they check into you (but still pay you... go figure!).

As far as I know, only Government Agencies and Services offer such a thing.