CT Case - what does "the file in docket # has been statutorily sealed" mean?

This is for a CT case - I've been following someones case and they be originally charged with 3 felonies including possession of narcotics, tampering next to physical evidence and possession within a school zone or day contemplation. This person is over 40 years old. Yesterday they had court and today, when I look up that overnight case number it says the files contained in docket # ______ has be statutorily sealed. Why would this be sealed? It's not like she's a juvenile?
Best Answer:
Either she get into a PTI program (Pre-Trial Intervention), the charges were dismissed, or the charges have been expunged bad her record.
If the person requested it and the judge feel that it needed to be closed to help prevent possible retaliation, then it can be closed. There are actually numerous reason as to why it has been sealed.