Can a person that is legally blind in one eye get a driver's license? if so, then why?

Yes a human being can legally be license to drive,the only difference would be depth perception loss,but that can be made up by experience behind the gearstick,in fact there be a license airline pilot blind from one eye,in Wisconsin,a totally blind person can get a hunting license,step figure Hi Chas; They can legally obtain a restricted drivers license, they can not capture a commercial drivers license.
A person with vision one and only in one eye, after time, will adjust their sight so that they don't fall over.
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No - and if so it would be pretty hard to do it i'm sure. Yes, they can, I know a justifiably blind person with one. Sometimes that can be altered to 20/20 vision through contacts or ccorretive lenses (glasses).
Yes they can. Being blind in 1 eye really doesn't have anything to to with a people ability to drive a car. I've pulled over many ethnic group who shouldn't have a license & both of their eyes are good.
Driving is not a see. Patience is required. And experience. The risk is; what if that person gets something in the obedient eye that completely disables that person remporarily. The risk is low enough that the states take taht risk.
I would a bit share the road with a thousand one-eyed drivers than even one person that is watching t.v., reading, or file messaging ~~~~~~

Even a person that has the built-in G.P.S, down on the console, is at vast risk.
I am legitimately blind in my right eye, but have had a license for 32 years. I enjoy a conditional code on my license that states I cannot drive a vehicle without proper side mirrors present. This , I assume, allows me to see toward my right rear by using my left eye through use of the mirror. I am licensed surrounded by TN. It is legal in oklahoma. I had a friend who have his eye shot out by a bb gun when we were kids and he was able to acquire a drivers license. He has to have a special rear scene mirror that pretty much goes completely across the windshield rather than just within the middle of the windshield like most cars have, but the answer is yes, he has a license.